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Business 101 - online course | tutorial on Photography Business Marketing, Social Media, Website and Portfolio, Communication with clients and Workflow {from initial contact, through the session and post-session - culling, editing, packaging}. Create a successful and efficient photography business!

Tales of Business Bundle + Assignments Feedback

Tales of Business Bundle + Assignments Feedback

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Tales of Business | Business 101

Are you a full-time photography business owner or hobbyist thinking about moving into business. This online course will open new horizons and walk you through all essential questions from finding your ideal client, marketing and Social Media, your website and portfolio and client workflow. I will give you custom tips based on my own experience and success running a 100k+ photography business. {Im an award-winning and published wedding photographer and family storyteller and get booked right away with over 20 weddings in my first season, get first paid family and newborn clients right away, and have returned clients continuously}

Get in the strong and active position with your business. Let me help you to create a successful, happy business!

Tale One: Marketing and Social Media

How to find and book your ideal client.

Tale Two: Website and Portfolio.

How to use your website as a main store front, show what you want to shoot and make a fast initial impression on your ideal client.

Tale Three: Pricing and Welcome Guide.

How to find your sweet spot and run a profitable photography business. Know your numbers and market.

Tale Four: Workflow and communication with client.

Session | Wedding workflow from initial inquiry. Letters templates. Steps before and after the Session

Bundle Assignments Feedback:

Do you want to know if you on the right track, do you want to receive a honest feedback on your business, website, portfolio, pricing etc. 

You will get a personalised 10-15+ minutes screen share video recorded review | feedback for each assignment with pointers:

* positives, strong points

* points to improve and think about

* personalised tips and advice.

Just note: Assignment Feedback will be sent to you in a timely manner based on availability { 1-2+ weeks from assignment submission date}. Contact info@levienphotography.com with your submission.

Can't wait to dig deep in your amazing work and help you progress and grow your business!



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