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Business 101 - online course | tutorial on Photography Business Marketing, Social Media, Website and Portfolio, Communication with clients and Workflow {from initial contact, through the session and post-session - culling, editing, packaging}. Create a successful and efficient photography business!

Session Workflow {incl. Shooting and Editing} -Tale 4

Session Workflow {incl. Shooting and Editing} -Tale 4

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Workflow & Communication with Clients

Session workflow, including Shooting, Culling and Editing

{Tale 4 at Tales of Business}

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All things workflow: from initial contact, communication with clients, through the session {pre-wession and post-session workflow}. You will see me shooting, watch me culling and editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, with all my tips and tricks, how I bring my vision to reality.

You'll Learn

* Workflow steps: Initial contact, letters templates, second contact etc. How to communicate with client before and after the booking, shooting and post-processing.

* How to shoot the session {watch me shooting!}

* How to cull {how to choose best images according to your Voice and Vision}

* How to edit in Lightroom {watch me edit}

* How to do finish touches in Photoshop {watch me edit}

* How to make a happy client who will refer your service to their friends and family, and more!

You'll Get:

* Supporting PDF

* Two "Workflow video screen share with letters templates" {30+ minutes}

* Shooting Video {couples session on the beach} - 20+ minutes

* Culling Video with tips {30+ minutes}

* Editing in Lightroom video {30 minutes}

* Editing in Photoshop Video {20 minutes}

* Animoto + Blog {30+ minutes} and more!