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Business 101 - online course | tutorial on Photography Business Marketing, Social Media, Website and Portfolio, Communication with clients and Workflow {from initial contact, through the session and post-session - culling, editing, packaging}. Create a successful and efficient photography business!

Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

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Portfolio Review

Portfolio review:

Strong points and areas for improvement. How to organise pictures and move them around.

Please submit your link to your Portfolio: on your website or online gallery {Flickr, Dropbox, Pixiset, Shootproof or similar etc.} Sets for Click Pro and other communities are welcome {up to 170 images}

You will receive a review - 15+ min video feedback. The review will be completed in a timely manner based on availability {1-2+ weeks}.

Service is non-refundable!

Please contact me with any questions at info@levienphotography.com

Can't wait to look through your amazing work!