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Business 101 - online course | tutorial on Photography Business Marketing, Social Media, Website and Portfolio, Communication with clients and Workflow {from initial contact, through the session and post-session - culling, editing, packaging}. Create a successful and efficient photography business!

Marketing & Social Media - Tale 1

Marketing & Social Media - Tale 1

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Marketing & Social Media

{Tale 1 at Tales of Business}

If you wondering who is your ideal client, how to create the right branding, how to attract your ideal client, what ways of marketing you can do, how to book your ideal client and more, this online course is for you!

Can be purchased separately or together with bundle Tales of Business! {Save $35 buying Tales of Business in a bundle!!!}

What you'll Learn:

* Your Ideal Client

* Your Brand {logo and Colours}

* Ways to Market your business

* How to Book your ideal client and more

You'll get:

* Main PDF {22 Pages}

* Two screen share videos {Branding and Social Media} - 60+ minutes recordings