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Business 101 - online course | tutorial on Photography Business Marketing, Social Media, Website and Portfolio, Communication with clients and Workflow {from initial contact, through the session and post-session - culling, editing, packaging}. Create a successful and efficient photography business!

Bundle Assignment Feedbacks

Bundle Assignment Feedbacks

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Bundle Assignments | Creative Exercises Feedback

Four Assignments for each Tale

{Save $30 when buying a bundle}

Do you want to know if you on the right track, do you want to receive a honest feedback on your business, website, portfolio, pricing etc. 

You will get a personalised 10-15+ minutes screen share video recorded review | feedback for each assignment with pointers:

* positives, strong points

* points to improve and think about

* personalised tips and advice.

Just note: Assignment Feedback will be sent to you in a timely manner based on availability { 1-2+ weeks from assignment submission date}. Contact info@levienphotography.com with your submission.

Can't wait to dig deep in your amazing work and help you progress and grow your business!



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