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Tales of the Moment: your secret formula for picture perfect. Subscription for pre-order Ebook | Breakout with Click Photo School | ClickinMoms by Olga Levien - Auckland, New Zealand wedding - family photographer - artist and mum capturing own kids in 365 | 52 project.

Breakout | Ebook with Click Photo School

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"Tales Of The Moment:

Your Secret Formula For Picture Perfect"

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"Tales of the Moment:

Your Secret Formula for Picture Perfect"

Discover your formula to creating meaningful, beautiful and powerful photographs.

Excited to share with your everything I know, how I preview the frame, shoot how I Feel and edit the image according to my Voice and Vision. I would love to help you on this photography journey. 

Come join me on this adventure - Workshop: Ebook | Breakout with Click Photo School {coming soon}. You will get: 

- Main PDF {over 130 pages}; two bonus PDFs;

- Shooting Videos {everyday moments; in-home lifestyle family | newborn session; three outdoor couple's photo shoots}

All types of lights: midday harsh light, dappled light, sunset light, blue hour, soft morning light. All types of location from inside in-home to outside - city, forest, beach, waterfall, field, mountains etc. Tips with variety of compositions and Elements of Design.

- Culling Videos in PhotoMechanic and Lightroom;

- Editing Videos in Lightroom and Photoshop and much more.

What to Expect: Surprises and many A-Ha moments!

Can't wait to see you there!

Thank you so much for your interest! can't wait to see you there!

{Receive a Bonus Complimentary PDF}


Olga Levien - 20 Top Wedding Photographers by Hongkiat: TOP 12 Wedding Photographer Society 2017; 100 Photographers to Watch in 2018 by Click & Company; Rangefinder Contest Winner, TOP 100photographers Shoot & Share contest wedding couple category; NZIPP Iris Awards {8 awards}, Top 60 Elopement Blogs; Lemonade & Lenses International Contest Winner, Editor's Choice 2016-2018

Click Pro at Click & Co, Offset and Cavan Artist, Published and Award-Winning photographer.


Olga Levien | Click Pro | Award-winning wedding and family photographer | Auckland - New Zealand info@levienphotography.com