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Mentoring | mentorship sessions, workshops for wedding and family | kids photographers; online portfolio review, website analyse, business coaching, personal and professional development, q&a sessions, camera basics for photographers.

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Im passionate about education and study. I learnt a lot in my life and earned PhD in pedagogical science {theory and history of education}. Im used to work as a lecture in University and teacher. Im also Click Pro at Click & Co and I will be happy to share with you everything what I know on 1:1 session in areas of:

wedding -bridal portrait {New Zealand weddings photographer}

- lighting, composition and creativity, technical settings;

- how to start a successful photography business: weddings and sessions workflow; marketing; pricing; communication with clients;

- portfolio reviews; constructive criticism;

- watch me edit; Lightroom fundamentals, Photoshop tricks;

- mentoring sessions with monitoring monthly progress;

- photography and business development {set up goals and move forward}.




It was so worthwhile having Olga review a set of my pictures! When giving feedback on a photo she described what stood out or worked for her and also gave specific suggestions on what I could try in terms of composition or editing (in my case) to make it stronger. She enabled me to see my work with new eyes. Not only do I have a clear idea on what I can work to improve on, but I have an appreciation of my strengths. Thank you Olga!
— Nasreen S., Italy
Olga was so detailed and truly helpful in reviewing my website. She sent me a video where she went through each and every page highlighting my strong and weak points. I put her suggestions into place right away and I feel it made a positive difference. She really cares in seeing you succeed and it shows. Thank you so much Olga for your help!!
— Julie L., USA
Thank you so much for such a fantastic Mentoring Session. Everything from the pre-session questionnaire, to our discussions, to the portfolio review helped not only to identify the strengths and weakness in my work but the direction I want to take my work and the key elements of that vision. Our session left me inspired to pursue my goals and given me the direction to improve my photography skills and business.
— Jess B., Canada


Do you want to take your photography to the next level, stuck at this moment and can't see where to go, know exactly what you want but don't know how to get there? Im happy to help and offer following options:


Portfolio review {recorded video feedback}:

$25 1-5 Images {10-15 min}, $50 10-20 images {20-25 min}, $100 40-60 images {30-35 min}

$200 Set of images {100-200 photographs, including set for Pro - 40-45 min}

Finding strong photography elements and points to work on, setting up photography goals, areas for improvement.

Website Review {recorded video feedback}:

$50 per website {including website, logo design, client's experience, navigation, points of improvement for each web-page, portfolio cohesiveness, blog improvements and common feedback}. Move your photography website to the next level!

add on $50 - website review including detailed portfolio review with each individual image feedback {strong sides and points of improvement}. Make you portfolio speaks to your clients, and their choice fast and easy!

In person | Online Mentoring:

$250 1 hour session {portfolio review, Q&A, watch me culling-edit, technical aspects, workflow, composition and creativity, working with different type of light, find and refine your style, your Voice and anything else what you want to improve in your photography journey}

Long term mentorship

$800 {includes 4 1-hour online sessions during 1-6 months with weekly | monthly assignments and development reviews, set for a long run, progress and success, reaching your goals and set a new ones}.

Business mentoring:

$600 three 1 hour online sessions {set for success, how to find your ideal client, pricing models, ways of marketing, social media, communication with clients, session and wedding workflow, contracts and business management including business plan and business development}. Sessions can be held during 1-3 months with weekly | monthly assignments, reviews, setting up goals, reaching success and refine new horizons.

Open Q & A session:

$250 {one hour online session, anything what you would like to know from photography basics, lighting and composition and creativity, your photography and business development}

$125 {half an hour Q&A session}

$100 - group chat {one hour session-chat with few photographers, minimum two people required}

Follow up session:

$150 {answer for any lingering questions after mentoring sessions, 30 min-1 hour; set photography and business goals based on previous mentoring sessions and portfolio reviews}


How its works: Contact me with your details, questions; reserve your spot in my education program's schedule and enjoy our session! I would love to help your development in unique photography journey, please reach out to me with any questions!

Stay tuned to find out more information about upcoming live

Workshop - 2017 | 2018 {Auckland-Hamilton, NZ}

and online Ebook | Breakout for photographers.

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