Olga Levien
New Zealand Artist | Mentor | Mum

Love, Light & Laughter

Online Workshop for photographers


find your light and share the love!

Learn to create emotive imagery that speaks from your heart by working with visualization and intuition, using landscape marks, and finding ways to connect to your subject. Olga will provide tools for personal and professional growth by teaching you new techniques, workflows and tips, as well as encouraging and supporting your development as an artist and storyteller.

“This workshop is about YOU, your passion and struggles, your journey and discoveries. I'm simply here to help you find your strengths, to enable you to discover and translate your unique voice, to improve your photography and storytelling. I’ll help you grow and progress, as you discover your Voice, learn a solid understanding of the elements of the frame, bringing light, composition, elements of design, moments and storytelling together, while keeping your photography and home life in harmony, enabling to connect to your audience, and continue progressing.”

The course aims to discover the student's personal strengths. It will provide tools for personal and professional growth by learning new techniques, as well as encouragement and support for the student’s development as an artist and storyteller. This course is not genre specific and all photographic interests are welcome.

This course is beneficial for both new and experienced photographers.

You will learn:
-           how to develop and refine your personal photography voice and style

-          how to effectively communicate and direct your subjects to reveal the heart of your  photoshoot

-           how to create emotive imagery and showcase connection

-          how to use psychology in photography

-          how to use location and landscape marks in your photography

-           how to incorporate different elements of design for stronger composition

-          how to see and make the most of light

-           how to see and shoot through the moment

-           how to finish in post-processing in line with your style

-          how to put your work “out there” and connect to your audience

-           how to find the direction of your photographic journey

-           how to create a “photography map”, to keep progressing, continuing to stay true to yourself as you develop your skills and talent

Olga Levien is a New Zealand artist, mum, mentor, and a successful award-winning wedding and family photographer. You’ll often meet Olga on the wild Auckland beaches capturing connection between couples, or at the ice rink mastering her spins and jumps in adult figure skating competitions.

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She’s also an everyday storyteller seeking adventures and loves to capture family activities with her three active little ones. “I love to capture the beauty in the details and harmony in moments”. Olga connects her passion for photography and teaching in her educational projects. She earned her PhD in pedagogical science and has worked as a teacher and a university lecturer. Originally from Saint-Petersburg in Russia, Olga met her Kiwi husband overseas, in Europe, and moved countries for LOVE.

Her class aims to help students discover their authentic voice and their strengths as a photographer and artist. Learn from Olga’s world of creating powerful connections and emotions in her photographs, learn to shoot on location in any type of light and environment, be inspired, gain practical knowledge and skills and ... many more surprises!

Join Olga on this exciting and inspiring adventure packed with tips and fresh techniques!

Best of the Best Destination Contest winner by Junebug Weddings; Best Couple Photographer by LooksLikeFilm; RangefinderFamily Contest Winner, 5th placeShoot & Sharecontest {couple category}; TOP 12 Wedding Photographer Society;100 Photographers to Watchin 2018 by Click & Company; The Voicecollection finalist 2018 {Womanhood category}; NZIPP Iris Awards{8 awards}, Top 10 New Zealand wedding photographers by Junebug Weddings; 20 Top Wedding Photographers by Hongkiat, Top 60 Elopement Blogs; Best of 2018 by Dear PhotographerLemonade & LensesInternational Contest Winner, Editor's Choice 2016-2018 etc.