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First Session Tips: How to Bring your Voice across genres {Photography tips | Education for photographers}

You just got asked to shoot your very FIRST family session {replace if needed to: maternity | newborn | birth | engagement | wedding, etc.}. How to Bring your Voice across genres {let's find out photography tips, advice in my Block: Education for photographers}.

It's for sure a terrifying thing; you feel paralysed, your brain stop working, you start doubting if you can pull it out as it's not familiar to your genre, or you don't have enough experience,  don't know what to do.
But wait, you GOT IT! You have your skills, your vision and your soul. It's still YOU, just in a different for your situation. So no PANIC!
My advice - listen YOUR VOICE {i mean your photography voice, not all your fears, as if you start doing something, all your worries will disappear!!! Just go for it!}. 
I tell you great news - you already got it! Your voice is always with you; you need to look back at your favourite images {or other photographers work}, find inspiration and work out what there that speaks so deeply to you, work out what elements of the frame do you like.
Then you can take it across any genres and shoot what you love!

Here a few of my favourite elements that I love to use no matter what happening around!

1. Light. What can we do without the LIGHT! Watch for Light, follow the light, find the light, play with light!

Wedding shoot

DSC_9361 copy.JPG

Maternity Session:


2. Colour. Colour is everywhere, find it and use to your benefit!

Everyday Moments:

olgalevien-10 copyA.JPG



3. Texture. Love the texture, such a treasure to find this element of design!

Engagement session:




4. Lines and Shape. I just love to find lines and different shapes everywhere, here a few examples {total overshare}:

Styled Shoot:


Everyday moments:

olgalevien-18 copy 2A.JPG

5. Movement. I just love any type of movement, it brings so much in the frame: mood and atmosphere!

Engagement session:


Kid's Portrait:


6. Space is another element of design that I love, there is something amazing about big space, feel of freedom and open atmosphere

Newborn Session: {watch me shooting this session in my Online Class at Click Photo School #talesofthemoment}

newborn-by-olgalevien-93 copy.jpg

Everyday moments - Landscape photography

everyday-by-olgalevien-143 copy.JPG

7. Details. Little details bring so much information and add on to the story, open the way to imagination to fill the tale.

Engagement session:

engagement-by-olgalevien-47 copy.JPG



Everyday moments:


8. Eighth Element is You / Your Personality {your pictures are you, what you love to shoot and they show what you like - show images that honestly speak to you}

 Hope you find yourself and your voice across any photography genre! Trust yourself! It will help you to gain confidence and stay calm in any unexpected situation!

Do you have any stories to share about your first experience at not familiar to you photography genre? I would love to know how it went, please share, I die to know!

 My Story: I went to shoot my first newborn session couple months after getting my very first DSLR, I found inspiration on Pinterest, draw on the paper different baby posing, spent at my client's house at least 3.5 hours trying to move the baby to sleep and awkwardly wrapping and posing. I captured a few unexpected real moments while mom been feeding a baby and settling him. So this way I found I love to capture a real connection between my subjects.
Just in case if you curious, this was my favourite photos from this session {I not even bother to show you baby in the basket or other funny stuff}:



Few more tips:

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and GO WITH THE FLOW! {that's pretty much how I roll!}

SHOW YOUR CONFIDENCE! {even if you freak out inside, make a plan and be flexible!}

Find elements and moments that you love, that are truly speaks to YOU!!! Enjoy it!




I'm so excited to announce the project that I been working on almost one year {putting in all my knowledge, skills, heart and soul}: "Tales of the Moment: Your Secret Formula for Picture Perfect" {Online course - treated as a photography Workshop, a perfect Education for modern photographers all genres by yours, Olga Levien, with Click Photo School, such amazing e learning resources {breakout & workshops}.