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Ways to break photography rut: Photography tips - Education for photographers

There always come low time after some exciting and inspiring shooting when you not even feel like pick up your camera and shoot again {it often happens to me, especially after exhausting destination weddings}. I would like to share with you ways to break photography rut, some photography tips and advice along education for photographers.

"I think we’re all so different so everyone has their way around the creative rut. There are a few options I use:

1. Push through it and shoot until you find a spark again.

2. Find inspiration around you. Shoot using new techniques, locations, different lenses or find your mojo in music, books, movies, art, etc.

3. Also, step back and take a break.

I kind of love mix all of them. I love to observe the world without my camera and make the frames in my head, just with my vision, watching the light and the moment happening unfold. I can find the spark on the go with my camera in my hands and just feel the moment when some magic happens and everything comes together at a split second. I’m truly bad at using new techniques but it definitely can be a fun. I often found my inspiration in the world around through nature and landscapes."

These tips together with other ones from my amazing pro photographers-friends been published in Clickin Moms Blog as 10 Ways to Break out of a photography rut {30 pros weigh in}

Enjoy this publication, hope it help you to move out of creative rut and feel alive and inspired again!

Can't wait to see your wonderful shares!

x Olga

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Here one of the images that I created moving out of one of my Creative ruts {personal work always helps me to FEEL something}: