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WEBINAR - Developing Harmony: Portfolio and Online Presence | Photography tips | Education for photographers

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JOIN ME ON FREE WEBINAR "Developing Harmony: Managing your Portfolio and Online Presence" {photography tips, education for photographers}
EXCLUSIVE to my  Online Course participants and Click Pros. Get in quick, seats are limited!!!

Description: Do you feel like your development stopped? Do you need to push yourself? Don't know where to start and how present your work the best way?
The good news: you already got it! I will show you a few steps to manage your portfolio {website and Social Media}, ways to work on the excellent flow and be on the go, developing in harmony.
How to be well presented on your website and Social Media and keep up with it {even when you in a creative rut, not shooting at all or feel like your work is sucks {we all been there}. I will give you some tips on your photography development, progress with no harm and in harmony.

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