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Personal projects and documentary-lifestyle photographs taken by Olga Levien photography artist - wedding and family photographer in Auckland, New Zealand and international.

Education for photographers {Online photography mentoring, portfolio - website review - business course}

Im so excited to share with you all options for Education for photographers, including online mentoring, portfolio and website review.

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Im happy to share everything I know and created such amazing program to support all photographers from beginners to professionals in business! My photography education {learning and online courses includes}:

1. Website Review

2. Portfolio and Pro Set Review

3. One-on-one Mentoring {technical aspects of photography, use of light, creative compositions, storytelling; business, marketing and SEO, open Q & A session, watch me edit and much more}

4. Photography Business Course "Tales of Business": how to find your ideal client, marketing, SEO for photographers, website and portfolio, pricing and Welcome Guide, workflow and communication with clients, etc.

5. LIVE!!! Breakout | Workshop | Ebook with Click Photo School "Tales of the Moment" {coming in July 2018}, sign up for our newsletter to find out a live run date {Ebook with shooting and editing videos will be placed to their store and will be available for purchase any time after the live run!}.

6. Custom Presets {coming soon!}. I include my favourite custom Lightroom Presets in my Breakout, second edition coming right after live run.

7. LIVE!!! photography workshop in Auckland "Wedding Artists" {coming in 2018 | 2019}

8. Online Course "Tales of Weddings" coming soon!

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