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Dear Photographer - April Monthly Self-Portrait Project {New Zealand lifestyle photographer}

I'm so excited to share with you a recent feature in Dear Photographer magazine "Heirloom Vibes | #p52radness | April Monthly Self-Portrait Project Collection". I'm a New Zealand lifestyle photographer had an honour to have my self-portrait to be featured in the row with so amazingly talented women-photographers from all over the world. I just amazed of braveness to put yourself in front of the camera and to do it every week.

I not the best in self-portraits, but I work out it is pushing my creativity and make to think outside the box as with this photography genre you need to be mindful and have a particular intent, idea and create photos according to your voice and vision.

It's not an easy task but feels so good when you after many attempts achieve the result what you happy with {finally!}.

Enjoy this publication in Dear Photographer Magazine and spot me! {clue - I next to beautiful Michelle England ;)}

Olga Levien: Self-Portrait

Olga Levien: Self-Portrait

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