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Personal projects and documentary-lifestyle photographs taken by Olga Levien photography artist - wedding and family photographer in Auckland, New Zealand and international.

Dear Photographer Feature: Australia and New Zealand capture {Auckland family-wedding photographer}

I'm so excited to share with you fantastic news! Check out a new Dear Photographer Blog post to find out a feature - list of amazingly talented photographers from our part of the world: "Australia and New Zealand capture". I genuinely amazed by the amount of talent in our countries. This publication just blow my mind! So happy to see so many friends, wedding and family photographers from Australia and New Zealand {including Auckland where your artist is based ;)}.

Thank you, Adri to put together such incredible talent in one place, need to mention Dear Photographer now have a separate Facebook page for Australia and New Zealand. Such a great news {no worries I still going to share my work in a big international group with so many amazing photographers}. Love!

Check out this beautiful, powerful and emotional work!

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