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January 365 project - my everyday moments {Family-kids photographer in Auckland}

Its hard to believe we are now in 2018! Happy New Year! This year so exciting for me as I continue my mostly 365 personal project capturing everyday moments with my family and kids; my Ebook | Breakout with Click and Co go live just in few months time, stay tuned and sign up for the pre-sale list to receive all info first!

I'm in the middle of the wedding season here in New Zealand; it was a taught couple of months for me as mum and photographer, as we were moving house in Auckland {from Hamilton, NZ} and my son just went to his first day in school. I have been so nervous and scared, feel drawn after dropping him off. Kids grow so fast! Lucky on the third day he feels more confident, still shy though. Fingers crossed he will love going to school!

My other little one stays at home at this moment. This fact not making life easier as there lots of editing to catch up after formal holidays. {we not been away, its just hard to do work when kids at home and you need always take them out for different activities, not time for work, maybe only at night - I honestly hate to go to sleep at 2-3 am and then get up early with kids. But there was no other time to do stuff! Hope soon everything goes back to normal :)

Enjoy these highlights of my everyday moments with family in 365 Project {Auckland, New Zealand}

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