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50 Beautiful Mothers - Beauty Revive - Photographers announced {Auckland lifestyle photographer}

I am excited to share that I have been chosen to participate in a international 50 Beautiful Mothers Campaign called Beauty Revived and I am currently running a campaign to find a mother who is an unsung hero.

"The mission of Beauty Revived is to tell the stories of real women with real beauty. Photographers donate one session to a deserving woman who shows attributes of kindness, courage and strength. These sessions are featured on the Beauty Revived website. Beauty Revived was established in 2014 and has held 12 national campaigns, has a network of 1400 photographers and has told the stories of 850 women in print in 12 magazines published."

Beauty Revived is a movement that celebrates women with real beauty. Photographers donate sessions to these women and their stories are featured in their magazine and website: www.beautyrevived.com.

Beauty Revived was started four ago as a way for photographers to use their lens for good and shine light on the real beauty that was happening in our communities. In the last year and a half, more than 800 women, girls and children have been featured on their website and magazine.

Im so excited to be chosen as one of 50 photographers in the world who have a honour to give back and capture one beautiful mum who help others and share love to the community. Can's wait to start and share with you these gorgeous photos! Watch this space!

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