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Tutorial: How to Capture Sightseeings with Kids {Hobbiton, New Zealand}

Traveling and visiting sightseeings with kids can be so much fun or a real nightmare! I want to share with you How to capture your trip highlights, no matter what mood kids are having!

Let see a few tips based on our trip to Hobbiton Movie Set, New Zealand {such a magic place!}

1. Document all details on the go. Its your choice what you want to capture {are you a documentary photographer, portrait addict {I love capture my kids close ups!}, or lifestyle photographer and storyteller? Just go with your gut and capture the moments when you feel it. Sometimes I starting from shots in hotel, car, details on the go, when other times right on the sightseeing when I feel inspired and get in the mood of the place. There is no right and wrong way, there is only your way!


2. Keep your camera ready, set all settings beforehand and shoot away through the moments! You can start from environmental shot, capture some wide shots, details and get in the action. You can get as many shots as you like {and cull them through afterwards}. Just feel the moment!


3. Let them be! Don't interrupt and let kids be kids, explore around, get curious of what they see and what they could find!

Let them play! My kids just love role games. They get in the Hobbit holes, knock in the door, get in and make silly faces from the windows, etc. All these moments is a great opportunity to capture REAL moments!


4. Be mindful about other people around. Get close if you need to cut distractions with people on the background or wait a moment when sight is empty {most people quickly move through after taking their selfie}. Just watch your background to get it right in camera! {and not spend time in post-processing trying to clone out all people}.

5. Get in the frame, even if its just cheesy family photo that tour guide taking for everyone {or ask someone around to take a shot and make this favour to others!}. Its still fun to see all family together, even if its not your style. You most likely don't have time to set up your camera on tripod for self-portraits {and its too bulky to carry around!}.


6. Go with the flow. This is my best part of advice - just live and breath in the moment and enjoy your time! Be flexible. Enjoy it and accept kids mood! We had grumpy kids on one of other attraction - Wai-o-Tapu Thermal wonderland {believe me I been dreaming about taking foggy photos in such amazing location, but kids just not been on the mood and wanted to go back all the time, so all what I get from there is just few faceless portraits with their back, when they try to leave the location. Oh well, we still get the best out of it   {next day with trip to Hobbiton worked much better for us, maybe because I feed kids up right before we sit in the bus 😂 So my other advice - choose a right time of the day {better morning, so kids not tired and grumpy} and make sure they had something to eat. Make breaks in between and go with the flow! w

Faceless, anonymity portraits are the best in any mood!


7. Capture down time. Enjoy these moments with kids having their quiet peaceful moments! Also don't forget you can choose the best setting for them to have this time to benefit your photos  Use all photo opportunities!

I just loved fireplace setting in Dragon Tavern in Hobbiton, such amazing and peaceful place. SO as fast as we get our complimentary drinks I ask kids to land right in front of it and shot them around.


8. Bring your vision to life in post-processing. Edit your images as quick as you back from your trip {otherwise there a big chance it never will be done!}

Share away your moments!

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