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Personal projects and documentary-lifestyle photographs taken by Olga Levien photography artist - wedding and family photographer in Auckland, New Zealand and international.

Video Slideshow as way to create a special experience {Photography education | Online tutorials for photographers}

We all want to create a special experience to our clients which will affect our reputation and work for us as a marketing tool, creating positive referrals and bookings through word of mouth. There plenty of way to improve your clients experience: communication, constant attention before, during and after the session, special treats-presents, packaging and one of the most emotional and powerful tool - video slideshow with session highlights-photographs and chosen music {matching the atmosphere on the session}. Video slideshow is a fast and effective way to touch peoples hearts, creating a special memories and unforgettable experience.

You can also use video slideshow for own personal projects, lifestyle | documentary work, family storytelling. Its such a great memories, treasured moments for years to come!

Here a few examples of video slideshows made with Animoto: my 365 project, couples engagement session on the rainy beach and one of my videos representing my past wedding season {I used it on wedding show | fair and also put on my website and blog post}.

Tips on creating a video slideshow:

Choose platform {the easiest for me is Animoto, it has a free account, I using paid one; other options - iMovie, Google Slides, Smart Slides by Pixellu, LR and much more {please share in comments your favorite platform}. The process {based on my steps in Animoto, but generally fit any platform}:

1. Choose a theme {I often go with simple design what not take attention away from the photographs; but sometimes also playing with the certain theme as forest, retro, warm, airy etc.}

2. Use your branding at start/end for easy recognition {include company logo};

3. Include text - Make relevant title {you can use your subject, clients names, project name, location, date};

4. Curate your images!!! {its one of the most important points - try to choose images what truly represent your work, style, atmosphere of the session and feeling what you would like to create}; you can move pictures around by drag and drop, see how they flow together;

* you can also include video clips from the session together with photos, put it all together in the slideshow editor {and choose to play music across the slideshow or not play it on the video clips}

5. Finish it off with some memorable text {as "congratulations", "thank you for the amazing time together" etc and leave your contact details - remember this video can be shared many more times and can be a good marketing tool}.

6. Choose music creating a special atmosphere and connected to your Voice and Vision {its one of the hardest one, sometimes I spending at least 30 min trying to find the music which goes well with my images, but it's totally worth it as it's like a perfect shot creating magical feeling}. I use Animoto music library, choosing and saving my favorites to use over and over again. You can yous your own music or even check with clients what their favorites if you really stuck 

8. Review {I often watching preview couple of times, see how images flow together, deleting some of them; put attention on how music and words come together with changing slides; I can also make the adjustments with sliders speed and if there too many images I can add another song {often do it for weddings}.

9. Click Produce button and

10. share it everywhere:

- send to clients {I often sending their video before gallery delivery to create a special excitement, educate them on best session photos and just create a positive experience};

- add to the blog post as embedded option {I usually add it after clients story and before the highlights from the session - there usually less amount of photos than in video slideshow;

- share on Social Media, Website

- use as the marketing tool: send it to future clients while answering for their inquiry {in similar setting, location, or just to showcase your style and type of work you produce}; use at shows | fairs and anywhere else you want.

Its a great tool and creating such a treasured memories and unforgettable experience! Fast and effective {if you have your images ready to go and not spend too much time to choosing music, its will take you only around 10 min!!!}

Thank you for stopping by and reading it all! Please share your favourite ways of creating slideshows and let me know if you have any questions!