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Posed vs Unposed {Photography tutorials | Online education for photographers}

Moment one of the most important part of the "picture perfect" {together with light and composition; ok, I know you already know it, just repeating for full picture }.

Its happening unscripted, unfold if we allow its to happen and SEE it happening; we can create this moment with perfect directions and setting up scene; or we can do both - create the conditions and anticipate the moment happen and capture it.

The question is: Do we need to choose what type of photographer we want to be and stick to it {as portrait, lifestyle, documentary} or can we switch the direction and go with the flow, using technics of posed and unposed moments? We have right to be who we want to be and shoot how we love, from our heart. But we need to understand the psychology of the moment and be a good observer, training our eyes, vision and intuition to FEEL the moment.

Im using all types of technics for capturing lifestyle sessions {posing and un-posing}, weddings {from documentary natural approach to portrait photography at bride and groom session} and capturing everyday moments with my own kids {mostly shooting on the fly, but also anticipating the moment, lined up the composition or giving some simple directions - as "look over there", "did you saw this birdie"  or "show me your silly face, ok, now happy, now sad, or pretty or scary and go on" - sorry for details, but my daughter as monkey love to change her posing and faces.

SO what do we do to capture picture perfect:

Step one - checking composition and moment. {see whats happening and what is going to happen, preview the moment}

Step two - work out the composition and scene: getting closer and further, work with angle to check the frame. 

Step three - give direction or anticipating the moment to capture your image {what you envisioned and what speaks to you, no matter if its been posing or un-posing moment!}!

Its not so matter if you posed the moment, been waiting for it to happen or gave prop and watched moment happening unfold., as far as your capture according your vision, your VOICE, your style and your intuition, its just YOU, what you want and what you love to shoot.

just one more thing: 

Its really important to know different posing technics to get it right away to make your kids or clients relax, give them task to do, communicate the way to make them relaxed and enjoying the process, and give you the ability to capture real emotions, connection. And also feel the moment when you can just let it go, let moment happen, back up or get close and watch, anticipate this moment {its all depends from your personality and how you envisioning your shot, your frame and how you connect and communicate}. Moments happens only if you allow them to happen, see them and lucky enough to capture them through your lens. 

So just grab your camera and do what you love - capture the MOMENT!

Please let me know if you have any questions, lets have a chat!







POSED {directed}