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5 things to help balance photography - business - family and life {Photography tutorials | online education for photographers}

Five things that helped me to find the BALANCE with photography, family, business, and life.

We all moved into photography as an exciting world, our heart sing, we learn on the go, capturing moments around. But wait, some of us also have a family with active little ones, full-time job, photography business or both at the same moment. Slowly and steady our life became a nightmare of not keep up with all our tasks and felt ruined under the stress and pressure. It can happen earlier or later but what do we do? 

I will share with you a few little things, my secrets what helped me to stay on track:

1. The family goes first.

No matter what happens around, how urgent your tasks, when kids next to me I will give them my full attention. My biggest mistake at first-year {or two} my photography and business were doing editing, answering emails, spending time on Social Media while kids been next to me. I know it hard to find the time for your tasks what feels urgent {believe me they can wait!}, But you need to give your full attention to your family. Otherwise, you will regret of missing so crucial for you moments. So family goes first.


2. Planning and scheduling.

Scheduling and planning my go-to tool. I pretty organized person, love to plan everything {im making lists of things that I need to take to the trip, what I want to see}. Same I putting a weekly list together of tasks what I need to archive, highlighting priority and global size of the work as there always those things what can be postponed to the next week and those that need fast decisions. I also always have an idea which day my editing day, blogging, social media, shooting, etc. SOcial media scheduling apps is a live saver as well. I'm using Hootsuite app to schedule posts on my Facebook and Instagram accounts {both personal and client ones}, often planning posts for 1-2 weeks. I can always review them and post fresh content. Blogging as well can be scheduled {i regularly writing 2-3 blog posts and schedule them during one week, then just review sharing platforms}. 

The other great tool to have specific time slots and know precisely which time of the day are available for you to work on different tasks. I also have own system with 30 min and 1-hour slots. I love to do as much as I can in short amount of time what I have so I taking each task and making it done by a particular time in 30 min-1 hour intervals. My social media slots are shorter as 15-20 min. So if I see my time for this task is up, I will close the app or whatever work I'm doing. Same applies to the big jobs as editing. If I see there not enough time left for this task I will not start it. As if I start I prefer always finish what I do. Just my personal preference and family tradition.


3. My food box.

This personal helper is taking a prominent positive place in my life. I'm not sure if each country has this service, but here, in New Zealand, you can choose online package as 3 or 5 family meals {every week or fornightly} and receive a food box delivery with recipes. SO you saving the time for thinking what to cook today, no need to go shopping and you also save money as usually you will go to the shops at least few times per week and will buy junk stuff depending on how hungry you were when you went to the stores. Another bonus- healthy food with lots of veggies and variety of meals. The bonus is a happy husband.

everyday-31 2.JPG

4. Cleaning service {I do fortnightly}.

I been using a segment planning for housekeeping before ordering a fortnight cleaning service (which happened just few months ago). My system mean I do only one task of housekeeping per day (as vacuuming, or washing, even loading/unloading a dishwasher). It helped me to keep on track with my house duties (especially when I had babies) and also kept me happy as I did something useful during the day. Yay! I still keep doing satisfying tasks, but at least pressure off as someone else there to help.

Don't think I'm living in the palace and have lots of money to pay for cleaning service, but sometimes I'm getting so busy with shooting weddings or running my business, or family life, so I need any help}. This service honestly takes off pressure from my shoulders to think each single day about everyday housekeeping tasks and all other little details that take my time from family, photography, business and life. This also motivates me to pick up all toys and other items from the floor to prepare the house for cleaning {and believe me there a lot of running around the house and moving things around}.


Delegating your tasks is the most important thing what you can do for finding your balance and bring back time (find an accountant for your business, client management software, virtual assistant, outsource with editing service, there so much more ways to save your time! I not used all of them yet, but had a few 


5. Take a break! Do Yoga. Find Time for yourself.

When stress and pressure reached the maximum level, I found myself went to the gym and signed up for the yoga class. I never thought I'm one of these people. I have been dancing and figure skating in my past but never thought I do something else, especially after having kids, when you never have time for yourself, and your focus moves from you to your kids. That's why so refreshing was just go out of the house, spend time for yourself and re-charge for a long run. You need to find time for yourself, see activity what makes you happy and make you forget about all pressure and stress your everyday duties, even if it will be only for one hour per week {but much better if you can find this time for yourself every day}.

To be honest, I think I started my photography and business for the ability to move into the different reality, be myself, be creative, be a person who can archive something else, feel the freedom away from the family and come back refresh and loving again.

Take care of yourself, your family, business and personal life!

Love and hugs to everyone who needs it!

Thank you for your time and attention, please share your tips how you survive and keep up with all tasks!


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