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Personal projects and documentary-lifestyle photographs taken by Olga Levien photography artist - wedding and family photographer in Auckland, New Zealand and international.

September 365 Project {Auckland-Hamilton family-wedding photographer}

Excited to share with you my everyday moments with family and kids for the third year in a row 365 Project {truly, my "mostly 365} as it was difficult to keep up with everyday family shooting when you also have a client - wedding and engagement so amazing and so exhausting work :)}.

This month was full of ordinary routine everyday moments as bath/shower, playground, activities inside and outside of the house. Nothing extraordinary or too exciting. But we, moms with cameras, capturing all these moments on the go, no matter how boring they are, we make them ours and show how we FEEL.

Yes, it's not just how its all looks, but how it feels!

Enjoy these September highlights in photographs - everyday moments and let me know if you have any questions!